Nepse increased by double digits, is the correction in the market over? This is what the knower says

The continuously declining market closed at double digits on Thursday, the last day of the trading week. The market, which has declined for four consecutive days this week, has risen by 23.97 points today. At the same time, the Nepse index has risen to the point of 2825.11. The Sensitive Index, a good and strong company index, also rose by 4.41 points to 529.66. The transaction amount has also exceeded Rs 4.5 billion.

Bharat Ranabhat, former president of the Stock Brokers Association of Nepal, says today’s increase indicates that the market is about to end the correction. “The selling pressure in the market seems to be almost over,” he said. “Institutional investors were selling their shares, now it seems they have almost sold out.”

Ranabhat says that the coming week can be predictable as the market is growing today. “Even with the advent of monetary policy, the market may pick up momentum,” he said.

Market expert Mukti Bahadur Khatri also said that today’s increase indicates that the impact of the impact month on the market is almost over. “There was selling pressure in the market due to interest payments and it is almost over,” he said. Khatri argues that the market will pick up the pace now that the last quarterly report is coming and the time has come to declare dividends. “The current finance minister is also positive about the capital market,” he said. As interest rates are unlikely to rise immediately, the stock market is expected to remain positive.

Khatri estimates that investment may enter the stock market as other sectors are unlikely to flourish immediately. “Even large investors who have been waiting and watching for monetary policy are now preparing to enter the market,” he said, “so the market is picking up speed quickly.”

Ranabhat suggests that it would be appropriate for investors to invest in a good and strong company as the market is generally bullish. Today, 11 out of 13 Nepse sub-groups are green and 2 are red. On this day, the finance group has risen the most by 3.09 percent. Development Bank Group grew by 2.12 per cent today in banking group 0.93 per cent, hotel and tourism group 0.41 per cent, hydropower group 1.94 per cent, investment group 1.15 per cent, life insurance group 0.25 per cent, production and processing. The group grew by 0.36 percent, the microfinance group by 1.33 percent, the mutual fund group by 0.19 percent and the non-life insurance group by 0.03 percent. Others and business groups fell 0.55 percent on the day.

Most trading companies

A total of 131,433,240 shares of 223 companies listed in Nepse have been bought and sold at Rs 4,815,520,294.15 today.

The highest turnover of Rs 215.2 million was recorded on this day. Himalayan Distillery had a turnover of Rs 174.6 million, NIC Asia Bank Rs 167.9 million, NIFRA Rs 139.9 million, Upper Tamakoshi Rs 129.5 million, Nabil Bank Rs 118.6 million and Nepal Reinsurance Company Rs 117.9 million. Siddhartha Bank had a turnover of Rs 112 million, Citizen Bank Rs 105 million and Manjushree Finance Rs 98.6 million.

Earn a lot and lose a lot

Today, the shareholders of Guheshwari Merchant Bank and Finance Company have become rich. The company’s share price has risen 9 percent. On this day, the shareholders of Corporate Development Bank lost a lot. The bank’s share price has fallen by an average of 4 percent.

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