Jeevan Bikash Laghubitta Ltd CAlled General Meeting for Dividend Pass

General meeting called by Jeevan Vikas Microfinance to pass the dividend. How long do you have to be a shareholder to receive the proposed dividend?

Jeevan Vikas Microfinance Financial Institution Limited (JBLB) has convened a general meeting to pass the dividend proposal announced to be distributed to the shareholders from the last financial year’s profit.

C6 # Microfinance has announced to distribute a total of 73.68 percent dividend to the shareholders from the last financial year’s profit with 70 percent bonus share and 3.68 percent cash dividend. To pass the same dividend proposal, microfinance has convened the third annual general meeting of the organization at its central office in Katahari Morang, Makwanpur on April 9. The meeting will begin at 10:30 a.m.

The meeting authorizes the board of directors to work on mergers or acquisitions with dividends as well as other microfinance Along with the proposal, a proposal to increase the authorized capital from Rs 1 billion to Rs 2 billion and issued capital from Rs 608.4 million to Rs 1.3 billion will also be tabled in the assembly. It will also pass a resolution to elect two directors representing the general shareholders.

For the purpose of general meeting and dividend distribution, microfinance will bookclo from March 29 to March 30. Accordingly, the existing shareholders will be able to participate in the general meeting of microfinance and receive dividends distributed by microfinance till April 25.

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