Dividends of Citizens Investment Fund passed

Dividend of Citizens Investment Fund has been passed. The fund’s 26th annual general meeting on Friday approved a 9 percent bonus share and 8.89 percent cash dividend. The shareholders were virtually involved due to the lockdown adopted to control the spread of the corona virus worldwide.

The fund has run a virtual program from its own new and state-of-the-art building. Executive Director Raman Nepal informed about the status of the fund. As of mid-June of the current fiscal year, the fund has collected Rs. 172 billion and invested Rs. 171.97 billion.

It was informed that the capital of the fund has increased and business has also expanded in this fiscal year. The net profit of the fund after tax for the Fiscal Year 2076-77 is 619.67 million. Out of the net profit, the distributable amount is 553.67 million.

In order to expand the business of the fund, the citizen pension scheme program has been started with the objective of involving the self-employed and foreign employed citizens. Trading has started by establishing a citizen stock dealer company under the auspices of the fund with the objective of providing development, expansion and stability of the capital market.

NLK Web Based Software has been fully implemented in all the programs run by the Fund. It has been informed that the work of exchanging data in the Government Accounts System (SIGAS) software of the Government of Nepal has also been completed. It was informed at the meeting that the necessary equipment for the use of the new software has been purchased and connected to the fund system.

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